BNUU’s mission is to enable people with mental illness/epilepsy and their families in Uganda to live and work successfully in their communities, by offering community orientated solutions, resulting in adequate access to mental health services and livelihoods, to break the cycle of mental illness and poverty. It advocates for changes in policy, practice and resource allocation to further its mission.


BNUU’s vision is that the basic needs of all people with mental illness/epilepsy in Uganda are met and their basic rights are recognised and respected.


BNUU’s values are that people with mental illness/epilepsy have rights, are entitled to dignity and respect, and should be valued, just like everyone else. Its focus is on inclusion and a process of recovery through active participation in development. Extreme poverty exacerbates mental illness and also makes it much harder for individuals to manage their own illness and recovery. In this context BNUU has observed that a renewed contribution to family income can be the first step to inclusion and thus it believes in the right of people with mental illness/epilepsy to take their place in the development process and in the fight against poverty. It follows that integrated development programmes, which incorporate forms of income and employment, can go a long way to alleviate the difficulties faced by people living with mental illness/epilepsy who are living in poverty.